The Filmmakers

Steve Rosen, director, cameraman and editor, graduated from UCLA’s Film Department and pursued graduate studies in cinematography and ethnographic film. He was born in Los Altos, California. His previous work includes serving as a cinematographer on the landmark documentary Huelga, with Caesar Chavez. The U.S. Senate screened his Knowing It Survives Us to ban the use of DDT in this country.

Terri DeBono has worked as a co-director, producer and writer in independent film since forming Mac + Ava Motion Pictures with Steve Rosen. She was born and raised in Oklahoma. She holds an MFA from UCLA in Theatre Arts with specialization in directing. She’s produced numerous plays and films, including a feature-length anthology of John Steinbeck short stories entitled Three by Steinbeck.

Since founding Mac + Ava Motion Pictures in 1987, filmmakers Terri DeBono and Steve Rosen have produced many notable, award-winning documentaries, dramatic films and commercial projects.Boyhood Shadows joins their other, acclaimed social-issue documentaries.


“As filmmakers, we wanted the audience to be intrigued by a subject society doesn’t want to talk about… childhood sexual abuse.

Travel with us as we follow Glenn and other men out of the shadows of silence.

A predator’s power rests in the silence of victims.

Most men never tell, swear they will never tell… Burdened by shame, they hide truths, burying them in addiction and depression.

In this film, courageous boys-turned-men confront their demons head on—poignant, sad and even humorous—exposing this heinous crime.”

—Terri DeBono & Steve Rosen


Beyond Barbed Wire, (1998), feature documentary 88 min., narrated by Pat Morita, now in the permanent archive of the National Museum of Television and Radio, CINE Golden Eagle

Accidental Hero: Room 408, (2002), feature documentary 56 min., Best Documentary awards including Cinequest, New York and Ashland Independent Film Festivals, “Use Your Life” Award from Oprah Winfrey, Screening selection at Hot Springs Documentary Festival

The Roots of California Photography, (2003), feature documentary 56 min., narrated by Jack Lemmon, winner of a CINE Golden Eagle

My Name is Belle, (2007), documentary short 26 min, winner of the CINE Golden Eagle Award, Screening selection at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Screening selection at Pacific Rim Film Festival.