Genesis: The Very Beginning

"Boyhood Shadows" was started in a room at the Monterey County Rape Crisis Center in Monterey, California. These men were seeking help through one of just a handful of support groups for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. In fact, only forty or so groups exist worldwide.

As the men began to heal, they decided they wanted to reach others so they created the concept for a :30 second Public Service Announcement. They began working together on the script, storyboards, and musical score – and the project was ready to go.

After its initial airing there was immediate response from other men seeking help. One thousand copies of the PSA were distributed nationally to rape crisis centers, sexologists, and therapists.

The success of the PSA made it clear a documentary – telling the stories in a dramatic way through the men and others – was needed to raise national awareness and understanding of boyhood sexual abuse.

Watch the 30 second Public Service Announcement Below