Host A Showing

You don’t have to be a victim of sexual assault to make a difference.

Educate and Inspire Others

It is our goral to educate and inform the public about childhood sexual violence. While this is a difficult topic, we believe that awareness is the first step to prevention.

Boyhood Shadows Project is looking to partner with people who are willing to help us bring awareness to an issue typically surrounded by secrecy and denial, because there is no shame in healing your trauma.

Host a public showing to create the opportunity for healing. To host a showing of “Boyhood Shadows” fill out our form and we will contact you with more details.

Here’s a guide to organizing a showing:

1. Find a good place to show the movie. This could be at your office, rehab center, at church or a local community center, or even at your home.

2. Let us know where and when you’re showing the movie and we will send you a DVD.

3. Get the word out.Encourage your family, friends, community, and anyone who’s interested in helping the cause. Download our Event Hosting Kit with email invites and press releases.

4. Watch the movie and provide feedback. We encourage any comments and stories about the film and responses from viewers after seeing it.