Stay attuned to the legislation in your state and get involved!

Supporting legislation that will change laws to favor victims instead of perpetrators is a lasting way to take action. State laws, such as Statutes of Limitations, vary from state-to-state. Coalitions like CALCASA, The California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (www.calcasa.org and www.calcasapublicpolicy.org) lists the bills it is tracking in the state House and Senate relating to victims, sexual abuse and predators on its website. It also summarizes the areas it focuses on, which are:

Victim Services
From funding to ensure victims receive the services they need to clarifying protocols for community notification and investigation of sexual assault, you can become involved in coalitions (like CALCASA) which closely watch related legislation.

These coalitions actively follow and sponsor bills that can expand services to victims of sexual assault and support accountability of offenders. Safer communities and better plans for offender management can result from active participation. Links to Sexual Assault Coalitions can be found here: http://www.calcasa.org/79.0.html

Involvement in coalitions or other organizations concerned with sexual assault awareness, prevention and victim services opens the door on a wide range of topics where your help can make a difference, such as:

Prevention and Community Education
Be actively involved in your schools – K-12 – to determine the availability, content and effectiveness of sexual assault education and prevention.

Sentencing and Offender Accountability
Take note of studies outlining the effects of sentencing on reporting and convictions. Explore the outcomes of sentencing schemes on the likelihood of victim reporting and successful prosecution of cases.

Community Safety and Offender Management
Follow laws and pending legislation about how offenders are managed – and society is protected.

Promote and support laws about a victim’s right to be informed of their offender’s movement.